Reading 2

Creativity in technology education: providing children with glimpses of their inventive potential.

Theodore Lewis

This reading states that we need more creativity in the schooling curriculum because the schools main focus today are on the academic subjects, such as numeracy, literacy and science. these subjects are paid more attention too because they use ‘divergent thinking’ and not ‘creative thinking’. The reading states that ‘children who do not perform well in exams, produce highly creative projects’.

in the reading it states that ‘it recommends that students should be allowed to make mistakes and to learn from them; and that playfulness and humor should be tolerated.’ i fully agree with this quote as i believe that all children should be able to go to school to learn and to have fun. All teachers should be able to teach the children what they want the students to learn but teach it in a fun and enjoyable way so the students feel the want to get involved. Students should feel comfortable with making mistakes and be confident enough to move on and learn from them.

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