Week 4 Reflection

This week was just as confusing as last week. There were no answers given to our questions and my group found it difficult as to figure out what we were doing to put in the wiki. My blog is under control and i feel comfortable with my blog. My wiki is a different story. I still have no idea what the wiki is for, or what needs to be put in the wiki. I’m very confused and am very frustrated at myself for not being able to understand. hopefully next week i get a better understanding. I honestly didn’t pay much attention in half of the lecture today as i was trying to figure out what do to, i needed to try and figure it out for myself as the last few weeks in class nobody could tell me what we were doing in the wiki. The wiki is not apart of the assignment, and i don’t see primary school students using a wiki throughout their early primary years, so therefore i don’t feel the need to make a big fuss over the wiki when it is not really important.

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