Assignment 1: Final blog reflection weeks 1-5

I Began this design and digital technology course feeling pretty confident in being able to succeed as I know a lot about technology, (phones, computers, television, iPods, iPads etc.) I have a good understanding on how to work these electronics and how to use them. At first I didn’t know the difference between digital and design technology. First week was a breeze, but second week blew my mind! I had no clue what was wanted from me. I found it very difficult to understand and take information in. there was so much material that I needed to learn and evaluate that I got so lost and agitated.

It is easy to say that I did not know anything when it came to design technology. I have learnt a lot in the last couple of weeks, I have learnt how to make a concept map, a wiki, a blog, QR codes, twitter, etc. My favourite was the blog. I really enjoyed designing a blog I had so much fun with the blog. I could even say that I would make my own personal blog. I loved it! By having a blog in a way I had to have a responsibility, I had to update my blog daily/weekly, it allowed me a chance to reflect on new skills and what I had learnt throughout the week. I found it fun and enjoyable. What I found the hardest was the wiki. Not only myself, but my group members found it very difficult as well. To this day I still have a hard time doing my wiki, its not fun its hard. I find it hard to figure out a purpose for these wiki’s as to why primary school aged children will need to use them. If my university class found it hard then wouldn’t primary school children find it so much more difficult? I didn’t pay much attention to my wiki as it made everything so complicated. I also had trouble getting things to upload on to my wiki page.

My groups design challenge was to make a healthy sandwich. At first we thought this would be quite easy but as we got more into the design challenge we got told that what we were doing was wrong. We all had to restart with so many questions and not enough answers. We all pretty much ended up with the same design cycle, because we had to many technical difficulties with members of the group not being able to log into the wiki, others not being able to upload information, etc. I ended up turning away from my wiki and having nothing to do with it, because it frustrated me more than anything! I am still not confident and happy with what I have produced on my wiki for our design challenge, I feel as if iv let my team down as well as myself, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around what was needed of me.

Throughout this subject I have learnt a lot, with all the material and information on the subject I expected to learn so much more. I feel as if it was all rushed in together too quickly and because there was so much information we didn’t learn as much as we could of because it was so full on. I feel as if the digital technology course will be the same. I did find some of the materials we used and created quite helpful to me for when I teach primary school children, but other materials we used and created where absolutely useless. I now understand the meaning of design technology with help from the curriculum and course materials provided. This course has allowed me to understand and generate different tools and many ways technology can be used in a classroom. It has opened my eyes about what technology really is. I believe that I will get a lot of use out of this course in my future of primary school teaching.

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