Week 7 Reflection

Its our second week into Digital technology. I am actually very confused as to what is needed for assessment task 2, we did discuss this in class and i got a better understanding, but i think I’m going to find it hard as for assessment task B we are writing another reflection on our blogs, explaining our knowledge and what we have learnt about digital technology. I find this quite unfair as we had 5-6 weeks to learn about design technology and only 2-3 weeks on digital technology. Im sure i will be fine but by having only 2 weeks to learn all the material is quite frustrating. In this weeks class we learnt all about coding. I still have no idea how to do this, and i don’t believe i would use this in my classroom as a teacher, its complicated and confusing. Coding might come in handy in the future but i hope by then i understand the concept of coding.

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