Assignment 1: Final blog reflection weeks 6-8

The last few weeks we have been focusing on Digital technologies. I feel as if i have a more clear and better understanding of what digital Technology is. At first i was a bit confused as to why we only got 3 weeks to cover all the materials in Digital Technology when we had 5 weeks to cover design and technologies. I didn’t think i would learn everything i needed to within the 3 weeks, but as the 3 weeks have concluded i have now realised that Digital technology doesn’t have as much material to learn as Design and technologies did. I believe i have learn all that i needed to about Digital technology and i am able to walk away with more knowledge when what i originally had.

The challenges i participated in within the past 3 weeks have got me half way between understanding and confused. Some of the activities had me lost as to what to do, Binary codes and the activity scratch had me more confused than any other activity. After some explanation from my lecturer and other class mates i started to understand more about what was needed for the activities. i find that Binary codes will be useful for me to use in my classroom as a primary school teacher and i wish to be able to help my students understand the meaning of codes.Throughout all the many games and activities throughout the weeks i found love towards the game ‘Angry birds’. I found it very easy to use and very simple to play. I would defiantly use this in my upcoming years of a teacher.

I have since learned that technology played a huge role in the Australian curriculum, not just within design and digital technologies. Before starting University i had no knowledge of the Australian Curriculum and now i realise that it plays a bigger role for teachers than i will ever imagine. Im still a little confused as to how to read the curriculum and understand the strands, but from not knowing what it is to having to understand it all in one hit i believe that I’m doing okay. I will from now on refer back to the curriculum for everything, including technology, as i will be using it within the years of my teaching.

i have leant a lot within the last 3 weeks, i never knew what codes or algorithms where and i didn’t understand the concept of computational thinking. i believe i have come a long way in this subject, even though i still have a few difficulties with design and digital technologies, i feel as if i am improving. I will encourage technology in my classrooms and strive high. overall this course has helped me understand a lot and i will bring what i have learnt and more to my own teachings. At first i didn’t agree with technology in the classroom, but this course has opened my  mind and i see reasons as to why technology is useful for students in the classroom. Today technology is used for almost everything. Like it states (chapter 17- Teaching and learning with ICT in the primary school, Rory McGann and Aisling Leavy) “Most pupils today are proficient at playing games on their mobile phones or communicating with their friends on social networks”. Technology is everywhere and used for everything, iv now opened my mind and come to realisation that technology in schooling would be beneficial for students learning.


McGann, R., & Leavy, A. (2015). computer programming in the primary school:an introduction. In Sarah Younie, Marilyn Leask, Kevin Burden (Ed.), Teaching and learning with ICT in the primary school (second editionth ed., pp. 198-209). New york: Routledge. (Original work published 2015).

Australian Curriculum, Assessment Reporting Authority (ACARA). (2015). Australian curriculum. Retrieved from


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