Personal Reflections on the impact of a shared Australian History

Reflection 1

I believe that we should incorporate the Aboriginal histories within the classroom and teach students about their histories and the stolen generation. In saying that i believe it should be incorporated under the domain of either History or Geography. i don’t think it should be a daily lesson, maybe just a weekly lesson at the most. Its fair to say we need to teach students about the history and the stolen generation but when is enough? It might be exciting for Aboriginal students to listen about their histories and the Aboriginal families might be happy that it is incorporated within the lesson/lessons but when is enough? where do teachers stop? there is only so much teachers can teach and students can learn before the Non-Aboriginal students get bored of learning about the Aboriginal culture and history. I believe all students need to learn about it and have clear understandings of the Aboriginal history but especially in primary school teachers shouldn’t need to go overboard with teaching it. I think it should be compulsory in schooling, but not to the extent where it is taught everyday.

Reflection 2

I believe the Government spends to much money on creating these policies to put in place, but there is not enough funding provided to educate teachers and schools with the knowledge of how to address areas that creates the gap. The Government money needs to be spent on appropriate areas of teaching, and needs to be spent on school and teachers and how they need to teach these areas within the classroom. Also educate teachers who have come from other countries to teach. The government spends all this money on Aboriginals because of what has happened in the past, but yet they expect us Non-Aboriginals to be able to sit back and watch them get all this money for nothing and we are here trying to do our best and educate students, trying to ensure the non-aboriginals why they get so much funding but yet we don’t. Yes we all know what happened in the past and yes Aboriginals where on this land way before we were, but we need to Acknowledge it and move on, the government keeps that gap wide open, by putting these policies in place does not close the gap, it widens it if anything.

Reflection 3

The Aboriginal people/person, of the past few years don’t make things easy for aboriginal students now days. Because this grudge has been brought down through generations, aboriginal students feel they need to live up the the expectations of their nation. By forgetting the past and moving on there would be no racism and no conflict between the two races. i believe we should all learn what the culture was and what it can become. The world is not a happy place because of all the conflict, especially between aboriginal and non aboriginal. Some nations have moved on from the past and started to make a better future but others are so stuck in the past and their history that they cannot let things go and move forward.




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