During this course i have found it super hard to try and agree with the statement given for assignment task 1. I agree with the fact that the Aboriginal histories and their past needs to be taught in schooling from a young age, but i disagree with the Government aspects of things. During classes i have tried to listen and take in what other class mates have said and also my lecturer, trying to let it change my mind on things, but i seem to always argue back and have a reason as to why i disagree. writing this assignment has put a lot of pressure on myself as i cannot find anything to say to agree with the statement. so i sit here reading every article and paper on the moodle site trying to put words onto paper, but i just can’t. I know a lot of Aboriginals that are sweet and caring and such amazing people, and some non-Aboriginals who are nasty and terrible people, in saying that I’m not racist, but i believe the government makes us out to be racist, with all the benefits the Aboriginals get from them us non-Aboriginals seem to be racist as we sit and complain about the benefits they get. We then occur to be racist to the Aboriginals because they don’t like us complaining about all the benefits they claim.