This Scratch program is very effective, it would be beneficial to primary school aged children as its fun and engaging. You are able to change the background as well as the character. I actually found this game hard to understand, it took me a while to understand how to use it. i personally would not use this in my classroom because i found other activities where a lot more simple and easier to use, but if my students wanted a challenge then i would get them to use this program. Similar to the Angry birds game, itĀ has the codes labelled and ready to use, which makes it more effective and easier for students to learn about coding.

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Digital learning challenge

Here is an example of an unplugged algorithm. For this activity we had to make a step of instructions that can be followed on how to make toast with butter and vegemite. It is an unplugged algorithm because there is no use for a computer. This challenge is easy as buttering toast with butter and vegemite is basic and everyone should know how to come up with steps of instructions to follow.

what you will need:

  • bread
  • butter
  • vegemite
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • toaster
  • plate

instructions to follow:

  • Get everything ready to go (ingredientsĀ etc).
  • place a piece of bread in the toaster and set it to a time limit (e.g. 2 minutes).
  • once the toaster has popped, take the toast out of the toaster.
  • place the toast on a cutting board
  • using a knife spread the butter over the toast-then complete this step again but with Vegemite.
  • you can either leave the toast as whole or cut into pieces, (choice is yours)
  • place on a plate and serve.


Angry birds

Throughout the week i had a little play around with the ‘Angry birds’ game. This is a great activity for students to use to help them to understand the meaning of coding. In the game you are given challenges which make it harder to move on to the next level. You are given steps to move the angry bird so that it gets to the green pig without getting blown up or running into a wall of boxes or sharp objects. I believe this is a really easy and interesting game to use, because the codes are already labelled and ready to use. This online activity links to both strands in the Digital technologies Australian curriculum. This game helps to provide knowledge and understanding of how to use coding. The game also helps students to learn process and production skills by playing the game and following the algorithms within the game. I found this game one of the easiest so far. It is a simple game full of instructions and appropriate for primary school aged children. This game would be beneficial as students would learn quickly about algorithms and coding.Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.11.54 am